Webinar: Maximizing ROI


How to Maximize ROI on your Corporate Marketing Events

Time: 14:00 GMT
Date: 29th April 2015

Duration: 30 minutes inc Q&A

What do we mean by ROI?

The power of face-to-face contact is well known, the trick is to make it effective in terms of the bottom line.
Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment.

In this free webinar, we have Gerard Lennox giving you 5 ways to maximize your ROI from corporate Marketing Events.

Who should attend?

  • Those responsible for marketing budgets
  • Those responsible for promoting and running corporate marketing events.
  • Marketing Managers who need to decide whether to spend money and time on events
  • Events organisers looking to show the effectiveness of their events

What will you learn?

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  • What is meant by ROI in relation to marketing events
  • How to measure the ROI of an event
  • The five key things that maximize your ROI

About Gerard Lennox

Starting in B2B technology sales Gerard has helped many different organisations achieve their sales and marketing goals. Face-to-face and distributed events have been a constant feature in his toolkit both as a presenter and promoter. A keen advocate of fundamentals, Gerard strives to identify what works rather than what is in fashion. Then he empowers others to make it happen.

For many years Gerard has been developing better ways to successfully bring ideas to market. This will only be available live on the 29th, so don’t miss out! Reserve Your spot by registering now and be on track to ROI success.

He will be taking questions before, during and after the event. Send us a question beforehand by email or via Twitter using the hashtag #syminar


Gerard’s practical experience combined with an ability to understand a situation resulted in a direct and timely solution. Gerard helped me get things done!’.

Karen Lane
MD – KL Global Event Management Ltd, previously at AstraZeneca


Gerard, has a wealth of experience developed over the past 40 years in making business events lead to genuine commercial opportunities. Over the past two years he has helped build our business both in terms of profile and real sustainable, profitable opportunities’.

Ian Jones
Technical Director – DelegateCentral
Previously Head of Publishing & Research, National Computing Centre


Date: 29th April 2015
Time: 14:00 GMT
Duration: 30 minutes inc Q&A

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