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March 2015 – Top 5 Event Management Blog Posts

by admin

7 Productivity Hacks for Event Planners
Kelli White, Event Manager Blog

Do you ever have trouble focusing or find yourself jumping from task to task in an attempt to keep things running smooth at your events? Finding a way to focus on projects and efficiently accomplish tasks is an important key to event planning career success

10 Tactics On Marketing Via Twitter for #Eventprofs

Twitter is the only platform that allows you see what anyone is talking about in real-time. It is also the only platform that allows you to interact with anyone. Let’s jump into some actionable Twitter tactics you can use today to market your event.

The Power Of The Unexpected
Joss Davidge, Event Magazine

Surprise and delight. These two all-important buzzwords have been at the heart of experiential marketing since its inception. And indeed, surprise remains one of the most effective tools for marketers.

2015 Event Trends
Adam Parry, Event Industry News

2015 is looking like an exciting year for the live events and experiential industries. The UK seems to be well and truly out of the recession and the general sentiment from brands and agencies alike is very enthusiastic, optimistic and motivated. In this piece I will cover a few key areas of change as well as offer my thoughts and observations on other matters I see as important in the next 12 months.

The Art Of Technology
Matt Green, Conference News

Coming up with concepts for events is an artistic process. It’s about vision and seeing the big picture. It’s also about technology and how the vision can be realised. But do art and technology mix? It’s a loaded question. Always up for debate

Do you have any recommendations for posts we missed from last month? If so comment below!