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August 2015 – Top 5 Event Management Blog Posts

by Damien

10 Signs You Are Hiring an Awesome Conference Speaker
Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog

Solaris brings out some home truths about the quality of free speakers and what tell-tale signs to look for which indicate your chosen person is an experienced speaker. With such a strong focus on social media at events, ensuring you have the best speakers and content will put you ahead of the game.

How to write Case Studies about your Events like a Professional Writer
Lewis Humphries, Event Juice

Case Studies can be one of the best features on your website to show how you have gone above and beyond the call of duty for one of your events. Pictures speak a thousand words, so use these to demonstrate your points, and remember that less is more. It’s better to write about one good event than several mediocre events.

Why Socially Conscious Meetings Are a Growing Trend
Alesandra Dubin, Biz Bash

According to Dubin, social responsibility is a key concern for corporations. While event budgets have been cut dramatically since the recession, some companies are still investing in events that have a social focus, both for team building and their corporate profiles. ROI takes on a different meaning when something other than financial gain is taken into consideration. It also looks like this is a trend that is set to stay.

Why should you hire an event management company to organize your events?
Thomas Johnson, B2B Marketing

If you work for an event management company, it can be good to look at your offering from a client’s perspective. Ultimately you offer experience in promoting and managing events, which will lead to high-quality execution of the event. While corporations may want to keep costs down internally, they can end up saving if the event management company is also involved in the event marketing.

3 Simple Ideas for Exhibition Organisers to get Post-Show Survey Responses

Adam Parry, Event Industry News

Getting feedback after an event is vital to the success of your next event. Low response rates are frustrating for event organisers who need results to know what they need to change for their next event. Parry’s tips are to get the timing right for your survey, offer a prize that your delegates will want and also lower-value incentives such as vouchers for anyone who fills out the survey.