< Back to article list Symphony Updates (including updates to reports) 09/02/2017

by Damien

This month we have been working on additions to our reports module.

1. Faster Report Generation

We have sped up the time it takes for any reports to run in Symphony – at an event level and from the client report tab. If you still don’t want to wait for reports to run you can log in to schedule reports straight to your inbox.

2. Addition of Cross-Event reports to Client Reports Tab

We have added some of the cross-event reports so these can now be accessed from the client reports tab on the dashboard. You can filter these reports and also schedule these reports to your inbox.

– Cross Event Attendee report
– Cross Event Abstract report
– Cross Event Accommodation report
– Cross Event Booking report
– Cross Event Invoice report
– Cross Event Sessions report
– Cross Event Payment Overview

For more information about cross-event reports visit our help page .

3. Addition of + – days to reports

When you schedule your reports to your inbox you can now set for the reports to always show data from the previous month or a custom date range. These filters are also available on the event-level reports. You can also choose to have no restriction.

You can now schedule reports to show data from the previous month, week, or number of days

You can now schedule reports to show data from the previous month, week, or number of days


3. Updates to Agresso Report

The Agresso Report is currently in version 5.1. For more information on the Agresso report please contact support@symphonyem.co.uk

Bug fixes

Cross-event abstract report

FTP reports – error handling when invalid FTP details are entered in the settings of the report

Capacities bug fix – ticket types were not displaying on booking forms where the ticket types had not yet reached capacity

Event level cross event reports – some reports were generating with blank information

Cancel bookings function – credit note generation

Updates to wording when setting cross-event filters