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Symphony Updates 24/09/2015

by Damien

This week we have a couple of updates for you. Our team have been busy working on a few larger tasks behind the scenes that we will be releasing soon.

Task Tab now on Event Setup

We have always had a task tab on the Symphony dashboard, allowing you to create tasks and assign these to events and Symphony users in your team.

Now we have added the task tab on the event setup page, so you can easily see what tasks are assigned for that event.

Don’t forget you can schedule reminders and deadlines for your tasks so you can make sure you get them finished.

Your tasks will also copy over from one event to the next. Perfect if you want to set up a template event to copy from each time.

You can also filter to switch between your own tasks and those for other team members.


Bug Fix with Invoice Email

We had a couple of formatting issues with our emails for resending invoices, which we have now fixed.

You can get to this view straight from the bookings tab.

When you get there, you have these options:

Invoice Buttons

This means you can mark the invoice as paid or part paid, download another copy of the PDF invoice or email the invoice to your client through Symphony


Do you have any feedback?

If there is anything you would like us to add into Symphony, please let us know! Email info@symphonyem.co.uk.

Thanks for reading!