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Symphony Updates 10/09/2015

by Damien

It’s another week and we have some more fabulous updates for you.

These include more changes to the overview page, as well as a few other smaller changes.

More improvements to the overview page

We really want to make this page as useful as possible.

Before there was just a link to the live URL of your booking form. Now even if your form isn’t live, you can take a look at the test URL and also click on the name of your booking form to edit your booking form straight away saving you 3 clicks.

We have added a copy event button to the overview page as well as an add booking button saving you time if you take a booking over the phone.

Symphony Event Overview Page

New copy event button and add booking button. New booking form and campaign email links.


This is what you first see when you go to your event, so you should be able to see a snapshot of your event with key data. You can now choose between a line graph and a bar chart for your event signup over time data.



It’s now Faster to Add in Sessions

Because we use Symphony every day and we are hands on in our support to clients, we are always thinking about how we can speed up repetitive tasks in Symphony.

Adding sessions in Symphony was always a 3-step process, which meant 3 clicks each time you add a new session.

Now we have condensed this into one page, which is more consistent with the rest of the product.

We have also set the session date to default as day 1 of your event, as most Symphony users run events that take place on 1 day.


Attendee emails

We have renamed “Post-Event Emails” to “Attendee Emails” because these are emails you can use to send reminders to your clients.

Users tab

Under the users tab you can now see what roles your users have.


Is there something you would like us to add into the product? Phone us on 0114 279 4990 or email info@symphonyem.co.uk.