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Social Sharing via Your Confirmation Page

by Damien

The thank you page that is displayed to your attendee once they have purchased their ticket is generally last on the list of content priorities of any event organisers. After all, the sale has been made and its time to start looking for customers elsewhere, right? Wrong.

When designing a thank you page, there are many ideas to keep in mind to continue the buying journey. Social sharing is a powerful marketing method that can be implemented within pages such as these.

Sometimes, purchasing an event ticket is too exciting not to share. However, not everyone wants to brag after they’ve bought something great? As the event organiser you can help in this area. Allow attendees to share their purchase across social media channels. This makes your event easy to find in the future and allows the followers of your attendee to learn more. Testimonials are a fantastic way to capture potential attendee’s interest, social sharing makes the process simple.


You can then take social sharing a step further, by adding promotions within the links that the attendees share. This then strengthens the reason for attendees to share the post, as it adds value to their social feed. So not only do you have a testimonial, but you have provided a reason for potential customers to then register for your event, continuing the buying process.

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We have provided a HTML code for you to paste into the HTML view of your desired page below;

<a href=”https://twitter.com/share?url=google.com&text=your text here”>Tweet</a>

This code will enable your attendees to share their purchase via Twitter. You can edit “your text here” to include your preferred content.

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