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September 2016 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by admin

6 Trends in Cutting-Edge Event Websites

Sean Burke, EventMB

The basic human interactions that make events so wonderful may not have changed, but the ways in which we hear about events and how we access them have. If real-life events are revolutionized with Virtual Reality and Gamification, then you can bet that the sites that market these events have been too… Read More


Don’t Leave Good Contacts to Chance

Max Weijers, RAI

The most important aspect of any exhibition or conference is personal encounters. So how can they best be facilitated? By bringing participants in contact with each other in advance and ensuring that they easily find one another during the event… Read More


5 Tips to Help You Get Started with SEO

Mark Kelliher, Event Industry News

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)? Sounds confusing? Well in its most simple form, SEO relates to trying to get your website listed as high up in the Google or Bing search results page as possible. In theory, the higher up your site appears in the search results, the more likely you are to gaining additional traffic to your event website. Simple stuff right? Read More


Great Questions Define Great Conference Experiences

Jeff Hurt, Velvet Chainsaw

Conference organizers automatically assume that if someone is attending their event, they expect the conference to help them solve their problems. They believe that the conference should provide the answers. Telling attendees the answer is not the key to conference success. Nor is sharing an expert’s successful steps the source of real attendee ROI. There is another way! Read More


20 Ice Breaker Ideas to Help Event Networking

Editorial Team, EventMB

Networking is an important part of events, and allows participants to meet new potential clients, suppliers or useful contacts for later collaborations. Here are 20 ice breaker ideas that are easy, fun and should loosen everyone up… Read More


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