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September 2015 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by Damien

5 Barriers To A Sustainable Event

Gallus Events, William Thomson

During the recent Tech Fest 2015 event a group of experienced Events Organisers were asked “what are the five biggest barriers you face when creating Green or Sustainable Events”. In a short session the attendees looked to “start a conversation” or to kick start the discussions on sustainability. This summary is the next step in that discussion.


How to Successfully Debrief Your Event

Bethany Smith , Event Manager Blog

An event planner’s work is never done – not even when the event itself is over. Just as important as getting all the details right before your event, there is something you can do after your event to get valuable feedback, streamline your process, enhance your attendee experience, and further cement relationships with your team and partners.


Business Improvement Conference Education Trends

Jeff Hurt, Velvet Chainsaw

Does your conference education drive attendees’ business performance? Or are your offerings more a roll of the dice, leaving it up to chance that they impact the attendees’ job performance. The most effective and successful conferences focus their learning opportunities on sustaining attendees’ critical strategic skills, building evolving organizational capabilities and linking conference education to business performance.


5 Skills Today’s Event Pros Need to Know to Keep Their Jobs

Howard Givner, BizBash

Jane R., the head of a 25-person event department at a financial company, has just been asked by her C.F.O. to cut 20 percent of her staff as part of a restructuring. Which five planners will lose their jobs? Or, put another way, which 20 planners will keep their jobs, and why?


How to… cater for brand events

David Ridgway, Event Magazine

Requirements that need to be met for branded events are massively different to standard occasions. Lots of research needs to be undertaken in order to produce completely bespoke menus. For standard events our menu bank would be used as these recipes already contain specifications and costing; for branded events it needs to be an original offering.