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Corporate Event Marketing in The UK 2016

We wanted to know how corporations value event marketing and what challenges key decision makers face around using events in their marketing strategies. In this original study from Symphony, we look at how events are valued within corporate marketing and where the challenges are for decision makers. We surveyed directors, event managers and marketing managers from large and mid-size corporations across the UK to find out how they use events to promote their brands.

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    Here’s what we found:

    1. Event marketing has become increasingly competitive

    • A quarter (25%) of businesses are planning to create more events in 2016 than 2015.
    • Just 4.5% of the survey respondents don’t see the opportunity from event marketing.
    • 22.7% of respondents are planning to increase their team size.

    2. Email and social media are seen as the most cost effective for event marketing success

    The following marketing tactics were rated most highly by marketers for cost effectiveness:

    • Email (77.3%)
    • Social (54.5%)
    • Direct mail (27.3%)

    3. ROI remains difficult to prove

    • 4.5% find it difficult to measure ROI
    • 68.5% believe they are limited in measuring ROI
    • 27.3% feel they can deliver and measure ROI


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