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Projection Mapping within the Events Industry

by admin

A recent development in projection technology, projection mapping is where an image can be specifically placed onto the features and contours of an object. In short, this technology can take anything and turn it into a surface for a video. What makes projection mapping unique is that the backgrounds are not your classic movie screens, but irregular shaped objects such as buildings, vehicles or even bridges.

The general practise for this revelation is to take the target image and create a “virtual map” of the object. Projectors combined with specialized software can then take this map and create an object with a new identity.

This is a great example of how projection mapping can be used. The technology has literally transformed this building into a canvas for an art display.

Projection mapping is not only used for beautiful public displays. Event managers are now seeing the benefits in terms of creating a truly amazing experience for attendees, producing memorable moments and enhancing brand awareness for corporates.

Here you can see how Toyota have used the technology at a product launch. A remarkable example of how projection mapping is being used within the events industry. Toyota have been able to communicate the message of their product whilst engaging attendees, leaving a lasting impression of the brand for everyone at the event.

While such mapping is still expensive, it is now falling within the budget and capabilities of many production houses. One potential use of the technology is in the interior of a venue at an event. Think of replacing the traditional draping and décor with such an incredible display. The possibilities of projection mapping are endless, and with the creative minds of event managers, its definitely one to watch out for in the industry.