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October 2015 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by Damien

14 Things #EventProfs Should Own 

Kelli White, Event Manager Blog

Each and every event professional has their own personal list of items, tools and gadgets that lead them towards accomplishing their goals at events. There are just certain things we can’t work without. So what is on your list of must-have essentials? The following list includes 14 things that have led my events towards organization and success. By owning these items, you are sure to rock your next big event! What would you add to this list of things #eventprofs should own?


50 Shades of Event Planning

Holly Barker, Event Manager Blog

Event planning is never black or white. As a planner, you usually find yourself somewhere in the “grey” area when it comes to planning any event. You want to make sure you’re setting goals, a budget, checklists, and sticking to them, but also on the other hand, trying to please attendees, vendors, sponsors and speakers – it’s definitely a grey area. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, or pulled into too many directions, follow a simple formula every time you dive in to plan an event.


How to make your workshop/meeting/conference middle-aged friendly

Adrian Segar, Conferences that Work

Everyone should be able to benefit from a conference. I never thought that one day I would be the one who was having problems benefiting. But yes, I became middle aged, and, well, I’m writing this article…


8 Things to Double Check at an Event’s Run-Through

Alesandra Dubin, BizBash

The run-through is the time to make sure all the final details for an event are in place to avoid mishaps after doors open. Industry professionals who work on conferences with speaker programs and presentations shared their tips on eight simple specifics to check during a rehearsal to help participants feel comfortable and competent, and to keep attendees engaged and safe.


Keys to Sponsorship Success

Dave Lutz, Velvet Chainsaw

Lots of conference organizers want a magic formula for pricing sponsorships. Sadly, there isn’t one. To grow this critical revenue line, sponsorship seekers must do the following…


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