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May 2016 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by admin

How to Use Email Marketing to Support Your Next Event

Kayla Lewkowicz, Litmus

The venue is booked, decorations and swag bags ordered, speakers and sponsors confirmed. You’re ready for the ultimate conference/blowout mega-party and the only thing missing is: the people. You’re thinking, “This is the coolest event EVER. Anyone who’s anyone should want to be there!”…. Read more


10 Things Event Planners Dread Hearing

Kelli White, Event Manager Blog

As event planners we spend a lot of our time listening to the needs and desires of others. From the event staff to our attendees we always stay tuned in to the sounds and needs surrounding our events. Unfortunately as the person in charge we are tasked with hearing the good, the bad and the ugly surrounding our events…. Read more


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7 Ways Tech Conferences are Modernising the B2B Experience

Sandra O’Loughlin, Event Marketer

When it comes to business meetings and events, it just doesn’t get any bigger than the technology conference. As some of the longest-running shows in the event industry, these super events occupy the largest footprints, attract the most number of attendees, have the deepest budgets and deliver the largest ROI…. Read more


10 Questions to ask Your Event Management Company

Steve Bindley, Conference News

We often forget to ask the important questions before embarking on the next event. The ‘big’ things are a priority – location, guest list, Audio Visual – but what about the small print? If you’re about the start your journey then check out these 10 questions you should be asking your event management company…. Read more


3 Social Media Tips to Promote Your Next Event

Dan Carthy, TechsyTalk

By this point, if you’re not using social media to promote your company event, then why even bother having an event at all? Even if you do use social media, it’s not enough to just stick to one or two social networks and send a few posts here and there and expect everything to be all hunky dory…. Read more

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