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June 2016 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by admin

5 Tips How to Organise Conference Accommodation Across The Globe

Frank Waechter, Congrex

In order to book the proper conference accommodation in a foreign country that is appropriate for an upcoming conference, you will need to overcome a number of variables. Some of these will naturally include language barriers, currency exchange rates and even the work ethic of the on-site staff… Read more


How to Brief a Facilitator to Bring Your Next Conference to Life

Roy Sheppard, Glisser

Audiences now demand more opportunities to engage and contribute at conferences. They want more interactivity and relevance from speakers. Hiring a professional facilitator who is well-briefed and clear about the meeting objectives, can make a significant improvement to the delegate experience and the meetings’ outcome… Read more


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4 Reasons Why Evening Events Matter at Conferences

Holly Barker, Event Manager Blog

Evening events at conferences and trade shows sometimes get a bad reputation from attendees. Below are a few reasons why evening events matter.
As event planners sometimes we question whether holding an evening event is really essential and the right thing to do… Read More


5 Ways to Inspire, Motivate, and Activate Attendees


Are you using your corporate events to lay out the company’s plans for the year ahead? While broadcasting information to customers and teams was once a prime objective for in-person meetings, it now makes no sense to waste your meeting doing something that is more quickly, easily, and effectively done using today’s readily available—and affordable—communication technologies… Read more


Event Reminders: How Many is Too Many?

Liz King, TechsyTalk

The world of email marketing, social media engagement and follow up, follow up, follow up. When I talk to planners in the industry, it seems that we all still heavily rely on email marketing as a primary channel for getting the word out about our events. But the fact that we are all using this marking tool means that our audience is being bombarded by email marketing and email reminders… Read more

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