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June 2015 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by Damien

Matters: How to Run a Virtual Event with 18,000+ Registrants

Phillip Chen, Marketo

Like live events, virtual events are typically run by marketing program managers to help support demand generation within a specific market. Unlike their live counterparts, there is a common perception that it is easy to run a virtual event. But, I beg to differ!


Are you an Event Planner or an Event Doer?

Cathy Key, Event Manager Blog

Event Planners are busy people. Every event has so many moving parts that it is easy for Event Planning to turn into Event Doing. But the danger with all of this doing is that we can lose sight of why we are hosting the event in the first place and what success really means.


Attitudes That Separate Growing, Healthy Conferences from Declining Ones

Jeff Hurt, Velvet Chainsaw

Leadership boards, committees, volunteers, and staff of growing, healthy conferences share some common attitudes. And leaders of declining conferences share similar outlooks as well. These mind sets have a huge influence on a meeting’s outcomes. Here are five leadership attitudes that impact conferences. Which ones do your leaders have?


5 Essential Gadgets for Event Planners On-the-Go

Liz King, TechsyTalk

Event planners are incredibly busy people. Taking a five day trip to a client location or event doesn’t mean that our workload stops. It just means that our workload needs to be continued under far more inconvenient circumstances. So how do we stay productive? What are the tools we need to really rock our workload on the go? Here are a few tools I can’t live without!


10 Ways to Show Love to Your Event Attendees

Holly Barker, Event Manager Blog

Planners want to capture your attention, keep you in suspense, and make you wonder what may happen at next year’s event! Here are ten amazing ways Event Planners can show love to their event attendees!


Do you have any recommendations for posts we missed from last month? If so comment below!