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July 2015 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by Damien

The Emotions behind your Decision Making

Helen Moon, Diary of an #EventProf

Everyone seems to be talking about the emotional transaction associated with events at the moment. Though I’ll bet if you were to ask most people how they make decisions the majority will tell you “logic”.


How to Get Over an Unsuccessful event?

Bethany Smith, Event Manager Blog

We’ve all felt it: the gut sinking feeling that comes from planning an event that turns out to be a flop. There is nothing more devastating for an #eventprof than to put countless hours of work and ingenuity into crafting a valuable experience for your client and their attendees, only to feel when all’s said and done, as if your work wasn’t good enough.


Harness your Conference Data to Produce Big Insights

Dave Lutz, Velvet Chainsaw

Appeasing conference stakeholders has become more complex and difficult in today’s fast changing business climate. Maintaining and growing share of wallet, attention and loyalty requires intentionality. To out manoeuvre the conference competition, we have to be nimble, decisive and in constant beta mode. To compete today requires identifying, selling and leading change. This is a difficult skillset to master. Those meeting professionals that are adept at this core competency will discover huge career dividends.


5 Making Time for Brand Experiences

Fran Elliott, Event Magazine

In the past, tech and experiential roadshows weren’t natural bedfellows. The tech used to bring with it a rather large convoy of flight cases and miles of wiring, adding to the build times and activation costs.  Often, the pay-off wasn’t worth the input as the dwell times simply weren’t there; people were either rushing from the train to the office, or shop to food court. They would see, stop, maybe sample, but not necessarily dwell.


6 Mistakes Event Planners Make With #Eventtech

Cathy Key, Event Manager Blog

The modern meeting planner has to be adept at using technology to manage, promote and support their events. However, with an ever changing technology landscape this isn’t always easy. In this article we look at some of the common pitfalls and how to avoid them.


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