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Introducing Email Barcodes

by Damien

In today’s update we have included a few new features for you:

Trigger Emails

In Symphony trigger emails are used for sending confirmation emails and other automated emails for cancellations, payment success, the addition of a session etc.

You can Now add Barcodes to Trigger Emails

If you are sending a confirmation email and you are using a barcode scanner at your event, you can include a barcode in the email using the {Booking barcode} mergetag.  Our emails are completely customisable with HTML, so you can upload your own images and use your own branding.

Here is an example of a confirmation email with a barcode:


Tidied up Trigger Email Tags

You can choose to include content to appear in your trigger emails. Event details and booking details will be pulled through automatically, so you don’t need to set up your emails differently each time. We have changed this view so that you can expand and collapse the menu so you can find the tags you need more quickly. We have also added a new mergetag for the attendee mobile number in this view.
Don’t forget, if you copy an event your emails will be copied over too!


New login Screen

We wanted to freshen up the look and feel of this page and we think the team have done a great job with this. If you have a white background on your company logo – like I do here – and you want to remove it, try saving it as a PNG to show through the new background colour.


Sort by Attendee Surname

I thought it was possible to sort by attendee name, until one of our users pointed out to me that Symphony didn’t separate first name and surname – not very useful if you don’t know the first name. We have added that in for you. Thanks for the feedback!


Show/ Hide info on Overview Page

You can now show and hide the details that you want to see on the event overview page. This applies to the charts lower down on the page as well. And if you don’t have any bookings on your event yet, the charts won’t show up – saving space for you to see your tasks.


Delete Accommodation Night

Another user pointed out to us this week that you can’t delete an accommodation night in Symphony so we thought we would change that. Although  you could set the capacity to zero, it would still show up in places like reports. We have changed that now, so once it’s gone – it’s gone. (Of course if you change your mind you can always a new night to your room and voila!)


So that’s it for now. We are planning out our roadmap for the next few months, so if there is something you would like us to change in Symphony, please email info@symphonyem.co.uk with your suggestion.

Thanks for reading!


Product Manager