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International Event Registration

by Damien

Globalisation has significantly impacted on the events industry, more specifically upon the size and range of conferences and events. By making online registration pages and web contents multi-lingual, a wider and more diverse audience can instantly be reached.
English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian and Korean are, in that order, the top ten languages on the web, according to Internet World Stats.

That order may soon change. Chinese, Arabic and Russian have seen over 1500 percent growth in internet penetration since 2000; China is set to reach 700 million users by 2015. That’s a huge opportunity for outward-looking commercial and B2B global events.

To keep up with the demands of globalisation, nearly all event organisers will soon need to run an event in different languages, either for an international symposium with a single foreign speaking audience, or a multi-national conference with multiple language options. Whatever the case may be, Symphony can help.

Over the years, we have accumulated a following of international event professionals wanting to expand the reach of their events by having multi-lingual websites and registrations.

Symphony’s multi-lingual functionality will make your event registration easier to follow for non-English speaking delegates and will promote the multi-national appeal of your event – filling more places.

We have 12 languages all available for immediate use with a single-click. We also have access to most other languages with a bit of notice and can have this available for you to use in the system. Thus enabling you to dramatically increase the attendance of active participants to your public or private event by instantly turning your event from local to global!

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