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December 2015 – 5 Top Event Management Blog Posts

by Damien

Event Manager’s Basic Survival Guide

Phoebe Benta, Event Blog

It can be a daunting task when you agree to manage a client’s event. Event Blog has put together this guide on what you should be doing if you want to successfully manage your event. This includes understanding your mission, planning a budget and managing your time effectively.

4 Trends Shaping Event Design for 2016

Holly Barker, Event Manager Blog

Venues can make or break an event. Event planners are increasingly moving away from traditional locations to find new and interesting event spaces. Event planners work hard to stay on top of trends in the events space, because attendees always want something new, exciting and unique when it comes to the experience of any event.


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How Foodie Culture Is Influencing the Way In Which Event Attendees Chow

Rachel Kirkpatrick, Event Marketer

Flip on your television any day of the week and you’ll find a food show. From culinary travel shows, to food talk shows to highly rated cooking competitions, an entire generation of foodies has infiltrated the market—bringing their fickle palates and their sophisticated food knowledge with them. And that trend has trickled down into events.


What a CEO Can Do For Your Conference

Dave Lutz, Velvet Chainsaw

Many conferences are planned and implemented leveraging a variety of departmental silos and often, several volunteer committees. One person or group owns education. Others are owned by marketing, business development, meeting planning, membership and finance. domain server . Often, the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. Sound familiar?


The 4 Principles that Define the Future of Events

Tyrone Menezes , Event Industry News

When we think of ways in which we can make an event a captivating one, we must consider all aspects: the theme, tone and style of the event. Being engaged gives the attendee the freedom to be a part of the experience and to actively engender further participation in the event. Generating engagement can be challenging, tricky, stimulating, social and ultimately deeply fulfilling for everyone involved. So, to kick it up a notch, why not include ‘Gamification’?


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