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We work with corporate event teams who plan exceptional events under pressure and often in a short amount of time


Corporate Events Teams

Corporate event management is challenging, the logistics, the promotinal activities and dealing with internal stakeholders. Not only do teams need to plan events that meet high standards – they also need to measure engagement and other important metrics.

Seamless registration for delegates

The problem: Your invite and registration process reflects your brand, which is why you want a system that reflects your brand identity. You also want to create a process that is easy for delegates, to improve their chances of registering.

The solution: Embed Symphony booking forms into your website or create branded booking forms and email invites.

Software Features: Online registration
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Planning events at short notice

The problem: You have tight deadlines for your events and need to get your event set up as quickly as possible, as well as making sure your event meets a high standard.

The solution: Get your booking forms and emails up and running quickly by copying a similar event you have created in the past. Use Symphony’s task management system to help you focus on the most important tasks for your event and assign tasks to other members of your team.

Software Features: Copy event, task management.
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Measuring Success

The problem: You need to provide metrics on your email campaigns, as well as your event as a whole.

The solution: Use Symphony’s reporting system to produce detailed reports where you can export all the information that was collected on your booking form. You can also track who attended, who received an invite, and who was a no-show so you know who to invite next time.

Software Features: Reports.
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Publicising Events Internally

The problem: We still find it amazing that other departments aren’t always aware of the events you are running. Corporations sometimes miss opportunities, or even worse – end up running similar events for different teams and doubling their effort.

The solution: Use the Symphony calendar site to publicise when your events are happening and who is attending. This transparency will make it easier for you to suggest dates that fit in with your schedule so you can plan ahead.

Software Features: Calendar Site

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Managing Approvals

The problem: If you are running an event on behlaf of another department you need to set clear expectations and get guest lists, booking forms and emails approved seamlessly.

The solution: Send previews of emails and booking forms to stakeholders before you send the invitations, so your stakeholders can give constructive feedback. Easily import guest lists into Symphony from your CRM or spreadsheets.

Software Features: Email invites, test booking forms, reporting.
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Dealing with last-minute changes

The problem: Your boss decides to invite 5 VIPs at the last minute, the table plan you created is obsolete and countless people call you to cancel their bookings or change their meal options.

The solution: Keep track of all of your changes in the Symphony software. Manually add bookings, edit and also include notes about the delegates which you can export in your spreadsheet. Changing bookings manually is also easy in Symphony. We also keep a record of when a booking was changed and by who so you have a paper trail.

Software Features: Manual bookings, booking logs, reporting.
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Managing Venues

The problem: You may be planning an event at your own venue or an external venue. You need to keep track of the AV equipment available, if accessibility requirements have been met, if the rooms will still fit your ever-growing guestlist and if your flyers and marketing materials have been delivered to the venue.

The solution: Store venue details in Symphony and keep a log of your correspondence with the venue. Create tasks in Symphony so your team knows to follow-up on any deliveries or to-dos at the venue.

Software Features: Venue management, task management.
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Feeding data into your CRM

The problem: Your CRM software does not hold accurate data and your team often ends up emailing lists that are out of date and invalid. Your company is wasting time and money targeting the wrong people.

The solution: Your CRM is where your master data should be stored. We make it easy for you to export data from Symphony that you can then import back into your CRM. You can also easily export data from your CRM to use in your email invites in Symphony. Keep track of which delegates have attended which events, if they received email invites and what their marketing preferences are.

Software Features: Contact management, Reporting.
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Additional services

These are some software modules that can be added onto any Symphony package for an extra fee. Contact our team today for more information.

  • Custom design for booking forms and websites
  • Event calendar page
  • Integration with your CRM
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