Conference Organisers

Manage conference registrations in one simple place. Easily keep track of bookings, payment and much more.


Conference & Congress Organisers

Trusted by many conference orginisers, Symphony enables you to streamline your entire event registration process. Providing a solution that is both simple to use and powerful enough to manage registration for any type of conference.



Managing Approvals

The problem: You are running an event on behalf of another department or a key stakeholder. Every step needs to be approved, from the wording of the email, to the guestlist and booking form.

The solution: Easily import guest lists into Symphony, whether from your stakeholder directly, or from your CRM to ensure that everyone is invited who should be. Send test versions of emails and booking forms to stakeholders so they can review these before they go live.

Software Features: Reporting, Confirmation Emails.
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Getting information to delegates

The problem: You need to send personalised itineraries, booking confirmations and information about accommodation and travel to your delegates.

The solution: Use Symphony’s email system to set up automated emails complete with booking information for your delegates. Schedule reminder emails in Symphony to send these details to delegates before your event.

Software Features: Copy event, task management.
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Managing Clients

The problem: You are working on behalf of a client. They need to see the progress of the event including financial data and delegate lists.

The solution: Give your client limited access to Symphony’s reporting system, so they can export their own attendee lists and financial reports with real-time data.

Software Features: Access rights, reports.
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Managing complex data

The problem: For each booking in your conference, there is a lot of data you need to manage. From how many people are registered in the booking, whether they are VIPs and if they need accommodation.

The solution: Export any information related to your bookings with Symphony’s simple and flexible reporting feature. Set filters so you only get the information you need.
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Transport and Accommodation

The problem: At a large conference, you will need to organise room capacities, transport, accommodation and catering. Keeping track of this can be a challenge.

The solution: Easily capture information from delegates about their booking requirements. Get real-time statistics on session and accommodation capacities, so you can organise your event around this.
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Promoting the event

The problem: You need an easy and effective way to promote your event so attendance will be high.

The solution: With Symphony you don’t need to be a programmer to set up a booking form or event website. You can create branded booking forms and event sites with Symphony’s customisable templates. Use the Symphony campaign email system to send invites to your email list and easily keep track of the response rate.
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Managing Speakers

The problem: You need to keep track of your speakers and what they are going to present and when. You also need to leverage their networks to promote your event.

The solution: Manage speaker data in Symphony and link this data to the sessions you are organising. Store information including links to their social media profiles and export their contact information so you can easily contact them before the event.
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