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Blog Symphony updates 09.03.2017

by Damien

Improvements – Restrict who receives event capacity emails – Update to API – Biography field added to GetSpeakersGlobal – We have removed the “Last 10 days” filter from the dashboard – when you log in you will now only see future events unless you click to “View all” events   Bug fixes – Changes to booking […]

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by Damien

Improvements – New “Administrator Notes Report” on an event level – Update to edit codes page – standard field data is updated automatically on booking forms – Addition of fields to CrossEventPaymentOverview report – Agresso report v5.0 – Add ‘+’ sign to credit notes and discounts – Add VAT number to invoice, booking form and manual […]

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by Damien

Improvements – Addition of fields to default Payment Overview Report and payment details of a booking Authcode GatewayMessage GatewayReference GatewayBatchID GatewayAVS GatewayCVN GatewayResponse – Additional restrictions added to GetEventSpeakers API call – Updated colour scheme for progress bars across the site – Ticket type statistics added to event overview page – If a contact is used as a speaker, […]

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by Damien

Improvements – Addition of Waiting List as default booking and attendee statuses – “|” Symbol removed from “Event details” export   Bug Fixes – Booking form overview page now displays correct booking status Pascalfwawillduc .

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by Damien

Improvements – Speaker photos now copy when copying an existing speaker – It is not possible to add the same speaker again with the same email address – When you view a speaker’s contact profile you can see all the events the speaker is assigned to – Improved layout to contact upload summary page – […]

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by Damien

Improvements – Extra fields added to contacts: (MarketingOptInDate, MarktingOptInpdatedByUserID, MarketingOptInUpdatedSource, Checkbox01, User01-User05, Analysis02-Analysis09, PAEmail) – Addition of new GetAttendee API call – It is now possible to schedule capacity and report emails so they are sent to non-Symphony users – If there are only inactive trigger emails set up against an event these will now […]

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by Damien

Improvements – Receive payment button on booking invoice screen changed to “Mark as paid / part-paid” – Attendee PDF export added to system – Default text added to confirmation of booking form – this can still be edited by administrators – Full file name is visible in file uploader if you hover over the name […]

Read full article Symphony Updates 23/06/2016

by Damien

Improvements – Test bookings display in italics on sessions and accommodation tab – Test button added to trigger email edit screen – If a booking is edited the relevant trigger email will display at the top of the page – Users can now be invited to use Symphony and set their own password before logging […]

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