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April 2015 – Top 5 Event Management Blog Posts

by admin

The Experiential Factor: How Event Design Drives Engagement

Matthew Pavil, Customer Think


In today’s fast-moving world, it’s easy to overlook the value of slowing down and interacting with and really meeting the needs of your audience. Experiential design gives you the chance to get back to basics, breaking the business-consumer divide by implementing innovative and exciting engagement techniques.


5 Ways the Apple Watch Will Change Live Event Technology Forever

Dave Mulder, Confrences


Though smartwatches have been around for years, event technology companies have finally been put on notice. Apple’s brand and marketing power can tilt smartwatches into the mainstream. As we start seeing these devices proliferate at events, we are going to need to know how to leverage them. We will only be successful so long as we can create better experiences.


5 Rules to Help #EventProfs Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Kelli White, Event Manager Blog


Most Event Planners truly enjoy going to work every day. We all love the excitement and energy that surrounds our chosen profession. But how can you balance a successful and thriving career or business, while also having a stable and healthy personal life?


4 Tips On Marketing Webinars

Jennifer Birch, Eventagist


Operating in competitive markets means it becomes a necessity for businesses to find innovative ways to reach out to their target market. Webinars are just one of the effective platforms today that is highly maximized by enterprises in marketing their products and/or services.


Checklist: 11 Things Every Check-In Station Needs to Run Smoothly

Mitra Sorrells, BizBash


First impressions matter. Whether planning a big trade show or a small fund-raiser, don’t forget to pay attention to how guests will be greeted and assisted when they arrive. Consider these 11 ideas to create a welcoming, seamless check-in experience


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