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5 Top Tips to Promote Your Corporate Event

by Damien

Running out of ideas to promote your corporate event? Stop throwing budget at the problem and think creatively. Increase attendance and attract the right people to your event with these 5 top tips.


1. Know Your Audience 

Start with these questions. Who are you going to invite? Why are you inviting them? What will they get out of your event?  For small events you should research every delegate on LinkedIn or through a simple Google search. Are they connected with someone from your organisation already? Would they respond better to a personal invitation from them? Will they be more likely to attend the event if another person they know attends? Are they going to be interested in the topics that will be discussed at the event? Will their PA be managing their calendar? These are all things you should consider before you approach them about the event.

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2. Make it Personal

Start by making your invitations powerful statements of the event’s credibility. Done properly, they will make the event irresistible, incite action and demand to be taken seriously. Personalising invitations is simple and effective. By tailoring them as much as possible to the invitee and their specific business sector, you massively increase the chances they will attend.

Don’t forget to include how the event will benefit them in your email. Will they get to meet new key contacts? Will they learn new exclusive information? Will they have a platform to promote their own organisation?

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3. Engage via Social Media

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn can be excellent ways to promote your next corporate event.  Make sure you are present as a thought leader wherever your target audience is present. Post tweets and LinkedIn updates on other platforms at key points in the run up to the event. This can be when the event date is announced, when key speakers are announced, when registration starts and when registration is about to close.

Direct messages on social media platforms are a great way to contact others on a personal level, especially if your event is exclusive.

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4. Invite a Special Guest

Inviting a keynote speaker or a special guest to host your corporate event is the classic way of filling your venue with interested, engaged visitors. For those of you who don’t have the budget to invite A-list speakers, carefully research your industry sector and ask who is of interest to your audience. Social media platforms can be a great place for you to find hidden speaking talents! You can also use your event speakers to help you promote your event.

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5. Reach out to Delegates

If you use a system like Symphony you can track responses and share this with other members in your organisation. If you haven’t had a response from delegates you can make sure they receive another invitation or personal phone call to ensure they know about the event. If delegates are unable to attend, reach out and find out if they would be interested in attending any future events you are running.

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