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5 Things to Consider For Your Next Event Invitation Email

by Damien

Whether you manage conferences, exhibitions or networking events, the effectiveness of your event is directly related to the number of attendees you get through the door. An extremely effective way to reach your audience and increase attendance is by email.

In this blog, we’ll share with you the top 5 key elements to consider when creating an effective event invitation email:


1) A targeted list to send to

Developing and maintaining an email list is a good way to get your information across to the relevant people. Email campaigns can allow you to target a specific audience and get the right people attending your event.

Depending on how you built your email list, it could be made up of people from all over the world. If your event is being held in London then chances are that people in New York aren’t going to be able to attend (unless it is worth traveling for).

In order to keep your open and click through rates high, it’s better to segment your lists and send your campaign to those that it is relevant to.


2) Event information that outlines what attendees can expect at the event

Give a detailed description of the event. Outlining exactly what they can expect to experience and what they will get from attending.

Aim to answer any questions that your potential attendees may have like what will happen at the event, what they will learn, who they will learn from etc. By answering the main questions associated with your event in the description, you’ll increase people’s motivation to click through and register.



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3) Event details such as location, time, dress code, etc.

Despite your best efforts to choose a central location and appropriate time, not everybody on your mailing list is going to be able to attend.

By including key event details in your invite, such as time and location. You help people quickly identify whether this event is something they are going to be able to attend and increase the chances of them clicking-through to your booking form.


4) Social proof to reduce anxiety around the value of your event

Even if your event is free, people are paying in some form. This can be any number of things, such as; concern that your event isn’t worth their time, Doubt that your event will deliver etc.

In order to get people to register to your event, you will need to take steps to reduce that anxiety. A great way to do this is to provide social proof. Testimonials and reviews are a very effective way to diminish the possibility of hesitation when registering to your event.


5) A call to action to get recipient to commit

Now that you’ve provided all the information recipients need about your event, it’s time to include a call to action to get them to take the next step.

It can be tempting to simply tell people about your event and hope they turn up, there’s actually a much higher chance they’ll attend if you get them to commit to it via a registration process.

By including a prominent call to action button encouraging people to RSVP for the event, they are able to get people to commit to attending and increase the likelihood they’ll actually show up on the day. Solutions such as Symphony make it easy to do this, and even if the registration and ticketing process is arbitrary it will help increase the chances people will show up at your event.


In conclusion

The event invitation is a vital aspect of the email campaigns you can send to increase the effectiveness of your events.

So next time you are creating one, ensure it has the following 5 key elements:

  1. A targeted list to send to
  2. Event information that outlines what attendees can expect at the event
  3. Event details such as location, time, dress code, etc.
  4. Social proof to reduce anxiety around the value of your event
  5. A call to action to get recipient to commit

By including these 5 elements, you ensure that you get the best results possible from your event invitation campaigns and drive maximum numbers of attendees who will make your events a success.


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