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5 Things your Conference Speaker Must Do

by Damien

The expectation of speakers has undergone a change recently. Speakers must do a lot more than just present. Attendees are looking for a worthwhile experience and therefore need interaction and engagement. However, asking if anyone has any questions at the end of a presentation is not engagement. Interaction must be before, during and post presentation to truly engage the attendees.

At events, attendees expect some sort of interaction, and are vocal if they do not receive it. You can thank social media for that. In order to meet the audience’s expectations, you need to insist your event speakers do the following:

Social Media Presence

When searching for a speaker at your conference, examine the speaker’s social presence. You should look for a speaker that is immersed within social media, uses it regularly, and have a decent sized following. They don’t have to be in the realms of 4 million followers. However, it’s worthwhile to research if they’re popular on social media platforms.

Social media is a great way of spreading ideas and having conversations. People can build followers and exchange ideas. Ensuring that your speaker is a social media presence is a great way to help you spread the news of your conference.

Talk About You

A good speaker has a following, even though each conference might not be to everyone’s taste, people will still come to hear from a particular speaker. A good speaker will publicize your event as part of his/her speaking roster. Telling followers where they will be, when they’re there, and what they will be talking about.

Show an Interest in Your Audience

Keynote speakers often come from broader industries than the nice of your conference. Therefore, they should tailor their conference accordingly. Ensure that they have knowledge of who they’re addressing. If not done correctly, the audience will be vocal across social media platforms which would not be ideal. Make sure the speaker understands the conference audiences top concerns and how best to connect to them. If done correctly, the attendees experience will be greatly enhanced.

Give You Content

Requesting that your speaker provides you with some sort of content will not only publicize the speaker, but build interest on your audience’s part. This content can vary from a guest blog so a webinar. Either way, this is mutually beneficial and a great way to generate interest in your conference.

Engage Before & After

Professional presenters spend a lot of time traveling and often can do a little “social” work in between flights. If you’ve selected a social speaker, chances are he’ll do this anyway but make sure you encourage him to engage with your audience before, during and after.

Post conference, great speakers will usually review the social media stream from a conference and answer any questions raised. This is a great way to engage with the attendees after the event which could affect the attendance of your conference the following year,

In Conclusion

When considering speakers, think of the bigger picture than just the presentation. Take into account what they will be willing to do outside of the conference from a content and social media perspective. Engagement is the overall goal, and a great speaker will grasp the benefits of that for you.