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4 Key Reasons Why Event Tech Live Was A Success

by Damien

Our team at Symphony recently attended Event Tech Live 2015 at the Truman Brewery, London. We were thrilled to be involved and see that event industry professionals are truly adopting event technology.

Whether you’re an event organiser, corporate event planner or experiential marketer. It’s been proven that planning events is one of the most stressful jobs out there. But with major developments within event technology, help is at hand. Event professionals are able to truly reap the rewards from applying technology to their event strategy, enabling them to streamline their current event processes.

The 2015 instalment of Event Tech Live was a great experience. Not only did event professionals have the opportunity to learn about the variety of event technology available to them. But they could see live demonstrations of the tech in action. Here’s four reasons why we think Event Tech Live was a success:


1) Educating event managers

A big hurdle for our event industry is trying to persuade event planners that event tech is worth learning about. There’s so much on offer that you may have thought it would be overwhelming. Not at all, Event Tech Live was delivered in a way that allowed Event Professionals to learn about the tech available to them, without all the technical jargon. We found the intimate “Campfire Sessions” particularly effective in creating an enjoyable learning environment for all attendees.

2) Seeing tech in action

It is so important that event planners get to see the tech in action. After all, action speaks far louder than words. Most of the exhibitors stayed true to this, a key element in making it worthwhile for the event planners that were in attendance. Event Tech Live did a great job of providing “Demo Stages” throughout the venue; which were very effective for event planners to see how the tech would work for them.

3) Identifying your problems

There is no point in using technology if it is not going to solve your problems. Often when we search for new products we discover problems we never thought we had. These issues could be anything from lots of time spent managing administration too low engagement levels at your event. Event Tech Live allows you to explore 50+ exhibitors under one roof; so you can really get to grips with what’s out there and see if they can help you with the main points you need to solve.

4) Keeping up with trends

A lot of the technology that was displayed at Event Tech Live may well find its way into conferences and other events you’re planning. It’s better to learn now so that when a client asks you to provide this, you can confidently show that you know how the technology works. When you are faced with new challenges, you will also be able to look to technology for the solution.


With over 1000 event professionals attending this year’s Event Tech Live, I think we can safely say that the industry is really starting to adopt event technology. If you didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s instalment, we have included a link to the Event Tech Buyers Guide below, listing a vast amount of event technology providers.

Event Tech Buyers Guide

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