< Back to article list – Symphony Update 11/04/2019

by Gerard Lennox

This is a significant upgrade to the internals of the Symphony Event Management system. Some changes users will see but most of the work is on the inside.

The internal changes to the database structure and the way some processes are handled enables us to bring even more enhancements to Symphony over the coming months.

Our approach to these changes is deliberately evolutionary not radical. Rather than change the look of the system we are improving it as we go – this makes adoption of changes much easier for users as they are familiar with the interface.

Invoices and Payments

The way payments are related to invoices and credit notes has been fundamentally changed so that one payment can be connected to more than one financial document.

The screens around invoices and payments have changed to show the way a payment is allocated to invoices. As an example if a booking was taken, then and adjustment resulted in a credit note being raised. When the payment is applied it will be linked to the credit note as well as the invoice thus creating a complete financial transaction.

Depending on the credit card processor you are using we are now storing and displaying some of the information they return when processing a card payment. This will make it much easier to reconcile with your merchant account and to see what is happening with disputed payments.

Where the information has been returned to us from the card company it is also available in the Payments reports you can run at an Event or cross system level.

This change makes transferring information to accounting systems easier and more accurate.

Triggered emails as Outlook Meeting Requests

When creating a Triggered Email to confirm a booking you can set it to take the form of an Outlook meeting request. To do so simply click the ‘Include a meeting request?’ checkbox.

Please note that the recipient will still have to Accept the meeting request for it to go into their Calendar and if they Decline there is no link back to Symphony.

If you want to send a normal confirmation email and a meeting request – then simply send two triggered emails when a booking is confirmed.

This is in addition to the download a Calendar record function that can be inserted into the body of Triggered Emails and put on the Booking forms using Merge Codes.

Configurable Fields

We now can hide and or default certain fields and do basic validation checks on certain fields.
Initially this will be used to hide and default some accounting related fields including:

  • Project Code and Cost Centre on event details
  • Cost Centre, Finance Account Code, Voucher Code as well as merchant accounts and secret Keys on payment set up.
  • Account Code and Product Code on event sessions
  • Account Code and Product Code on event ticket types

If you are an Administrator, you can see which fields (if any) have been configured for your account on the Settings screen – accessed from the last tab on the right of the Dashboard.

The set up of these fields is quite complex so we are managing it via the Symphony help desk. If you want to discuss how this could be used in your implementation, please get in touch with the help desk.

Settings Screen

The layout of the Settings screen has changed a little. The Edit Settings button now opens a window with several options. This change replaces several buttons.

The idea is to make it a little clearer what can be done by having some on screen explanations.

It also allows us to easily add more functions in the future.

Ticketed Events

We have added a new module to manage ticketed or seated events.

If you run events with defined seats such as an awards dinner with tables and seats or an awards ceremony with defined seating this may be something you have been looking for.

We will be producing a detailed manual for ticketed events in the near future. If you need more information please contact the Help Desk.

Internal Training Portal

Many Symphony clients run internal training and manage some or all of it through Symphony.

We now offer the option for you to have a dedicated branded company training portal where your staff can register and see what training is available, register for training courses and see their training history.

To find out more call the help desk who will arrange a demonstration and discuss the options.

Contact Advanced Search

As many will know there is a powerful contact manager / CRM capability in SymphonyEM. This has been further enhanced by extending the powerful advanced search function.

Go to Contacts from the Dashboard. Select Advanced search and you will see some new options.

  • Contact profile values – allows you to select contacts on one or more profiles they are attached to.
  • Event profile values – allows you to select Contacts based on profiles attached to Events that they booked on to.
  • Ideal for finding people who came to a similar event in the past.
  • Marketing opt-out and Marketing opt-in – selects Contacts based on these values.

The resulting list can then be exported and used as a list in a Campaign email or other activity.

Please remember that Contacts are only created for Event Attendees if you select ‘Add attendees to contacts’ on the Event – Basic Details screen.

You get to this by going to the Event – Event Setup tab – Event Settings – Basic Details screen.

Other changes

There are loads of other little changes and fixs that deal with things that have been reported by users. Please check out anything that you have mentioned to us and if we have not yet addressed it please give us a gentle reminder.

As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk.