< Back to article list Symphony Updates 23/06/2016

by Damien


– Test bookings display in italics on sessions and accommodation tab

– Test button added to trigger email edit screen

– If a booking is edited the relevant trigger email will display at the top of the page

– Users can now be invited to use Symphony and set their own password before logging in

– Users can now be disabled by an administrator

– Error with task notifications

– It’s now possible to send a revised version of a trigger email when you edit a booking

– Formatting changes to the reset password screen

– Calendar download mergetag added to trigger emails

– Updated formatting of graphs on campaign email overview page

– Export added to Recipient Results page from camapaign email overview page



Bug Fixes

– Error handling for deleting sessions if they are included in reports

– Duplicated sessions when editing an attendee

– Error handling when adding a session to a form without a related ticket/attendee type